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About Me

Having worked with Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy for nearly 20 years, I have spoken to, consulted with, and coached over 500,000 business people to over achieve their goals. I believe the key to economic strength for America starts with Small Business Success, and I am committed to exposing Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Salespeople to the strategies and tactics that will allow them to thrive in the New Economy.

In my role as a Professional Speaker I have been fortunate to have been able to impact the lives of so many people ... and to have learned so much along the way. In my role as a Marketing Consultant, I have developed extensive online & offline marketing systems that are used by business owners and entrepreneurs across the country.

Social Media & Internet Marketing are two passions of mine, and I love helping others learn how to utilize these tools for profit. As a Business Trainer & Sales Trainer, I have been able to leverage all I have learned for the great ones like Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, and Tony Robbins to affect many people's careers.

I am very grateful to my mentors who have been so generous with their teachings, and my goal is to give back to & help as many people as I can. Over the last three years, with the explosive growth of Social Media, I have acted as a Social Media Consultant, having authored several books on Social Media Strategy and How To Utilize LinkedIN, Facebook,and Twitter For Business & Profit. I have also authored E-Books on Article writing, Blogging For Profit, Search Engine Optimization, and List Building.

If you or your organization needs a Public Speaker for your next meeting, a Business Trainer to work with Management, a Sales Trainer to help the team, or a Marketing Consultant to help you with your Online & Social Media Marketing efforts.... I can help you get results .. I guarantee it!


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